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Publications 2009

1. Title: Single-crystal P-31 NMR studies of the frustrated square-lattice compound Pb-2(VO)(PO4)(2)
Author(s): Nath R, Furukawa Y, Borsa F, et al.
Source: PHYSICAL REVIEW B Volume: 80 Issue: 21 Article Number: 214430 Published: DEC 2009

2. Title: Experimental Protocol for Activation-Induced Manganese-Enhanced MRI (AIM-MRI) Based on Quantitative Determination of Mn Content in Rat Brain by Fast T-1 Mapping
Author(s): Tambalo S, Daducci A, Fiorini S, Boschi F, Mariani M, Marinone M, Sbarbati A, Marzola P
Source: MAGNETIC RESONANCE IN MEDICINE Volume: 62 Issue: 4 Pages: 1080-1084 Published: OCT 2009

3. Title: Superconducting properties of a textured NbN film from 93Nb NMR relaxation and magnetization measurements
Author(s): Lascialfari A, Rigamonti A, Bernardi E, et al.
Source: PHYSICAL REVIEW B Volume: 80 Issue: 10 Article Number: 104505 Published: SEP 2009

4. Title: Muon spin relaxation investigation of tetranuclear iron(III) Fe-4(OCH3)(6)(dpm)(6) molecular cluster
Author(s): Procissi D, Arosio P, Orsini F, et al.
Source: PHYSICAL REVIEW B Volume: 80 Issue: 9 Article Number: 094421 Published: SEP 2009

5. Title: Magnetic properties and spin dynamics in the single-molecule paramagnets Cu6Fe and Cu6Co
Author(s): Khuntia P, Mariani M, Mozzati M C, et al.
Source: PHYSICAL REVIEW B Volume: 80 Issue: 9 Article Number: 094413 Published: SEP 2009

6. Title: Magnetic-superconducting phase boundary of SmFeAsO1-xFx studied via muon spin rotation: Unified behavior in a pnictide family
Author(s): Sanna S, De Renzi R, Lamura G, et al.
Source: PHYSICAL REVIEW B Volume: 80 Issue: 5 Article Number: 052503 Published: AUG 13 2009

7. Title: Water-Soluble Rhamnose-Coated Fe3O4 Nanoparticles
Author(s): Lartigue L, Oumzil K, Guari Y, et al.
Source: ORGANIC LETTERS Volume: 11 Issue: 14 Pages: 2992-2995 Published: JUL 16 2009

8. Title: Fluctuations and correlations in a frustrated S=1/2 square lattice with competing ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic interactions studied by muon-spin relaxation
Author(s): Carretta P, Filibian M, Nath R, et al.
Source: PHYSICAL REVIEW B Volume: 79 Issue: 22 Article Number: 224432 Published: JUN 25 2009

9. Title: Spin dynamics in the neutral rare-earth single-molecule magnets [TbPc2](0) and [DyPc2](0) from mu SR and NMR spectroscopies
Author(s): Branzoli F, Filibian M, Carretta P, et al.
Source: PHYSICAL REVIEW B Volume: 79 Issue: 22 Article Number: 220404 Published: JUN 12 2009

Author(s): Ferdinando Borsa
Source: ISTITUTO LOMBARDO (Rend. Scienze) - Scienze fisiche, Fisica Sperimentale. Volume: 143 Pages: 157-172 (2009)
JUN 11 2009

11. Title: Experimental evidence of chemical-pressure-controlled superconductivity in cuprates
Author(s): Sanna S, Agrestini S, Zheng K, et al.
Source: Europhysics Letters (EPL) Volume: 86 Issue: 6 Article Number: 67007 Published: JUN 2009

12. Title: Unconventional Nonequilibrium Dynamics in Ni-10 Magnetic Molecules: Evidence from NMR
Author(s): Belesi M, Micotti E, Mariani M, et al.
Source: PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS Volume: 102 Issue: 17 Article Number: 177201 Published: MAY 1 2009

13. Title: Crystalline instability of Bi-2212 superconducting whiskers near room temperature
Author(s): Cagliero S, Agostino A, Khan MMR, et al.
Source: APPLIED PHYSICS A-MATERIALS SCIENCE & PROCESSING Volume: 95 Issue: 2 Pages: 479-484 Published: MAY 2009

14. Title: Evidence of spin singlet ground state in the frustrated antiferromagnetic ring Cr8Ni
Author(s): Furukawa Y, Kiuchi K, Kumagai K, et al.
Source: PHYSICAL REVIEW B Volume: 79 Issue: 13 Article Number: 134416 (2009) Published: APR 13 2009

15. Title: Synthesis and characterization of polyethylenimine-based iron oxide composites as novel contrast agents for MRI
Author(s): Masotti A, Pitta A, Ortaggi G, et al.

16. Title: Spin Dynamics in the Negatively Charged Terbium (III) Bis-phthalocyaninato Complex
Author(s): Branzoli F, Carretta P, Filibian M, et al.
Source: JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY Volume: 131 Issue: 12 Pages: 4387-4396 Published: MAR 10 2009

17. Title: Theory of severe slowdown in the relaxation of rings and clusters with antiferromagnetic interactions
Author(s): Rousochatzakis, I; Läuchli, A; Borsa, F and Luban, M
Source: PHYSICAL REVIEW B 79, 064421 (2009) Published: FEB 27 2009

18. Title: Magnetic-field-induced crossover from non-Fermi to Fermi liquid at the quantum critical point of YbCu5-xAux
Author(s): Carretta P, Pasero R, Giovannini M, et al.
Source: PHYSICAL REVIEW B Volume: 79 Issue: 2 Article Number: 020401 (2009) Published: JAN 2009

19. Title: Dilution effects in Ho2-xYxSn2O7: from the Spin Ice to the single-ion magnet
Author(s): Prando G, Carretta P, Giblin SR, Lago J, Pin S, Ghigna P
Source: JOURNAL OF PHYSICS: Conference Series 145 (2009) 012033 Published: JAN 2009

20. Title: MRI relaxation properties of water-soluble apoferritin-encapsulated gadolinium oxide-hydroxide nanoparticles
Author(s): Sanchez P, Valero E, Galvez N, et al.
Source: DALTON TRANSACTIONS Issue: 5 Pages: 800-804 Published: 2009