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Publications 2011
1. Title: NMR and μSR in Highly Frustrated Magnets
Author(s): P. Carretta and A. Keren, in "Introduction to Frustrated Magnetism"
Eds. C. Lacroix, P. Mendels, F. Mila,
Springer-Verlag Berlin (2011)

2. Title: 1H and 10B NMR and MRI investigation of boron- and gadolinium–boron compounds in boron neutron capture therapy
Author(s): Bonora M, Corti M, Borsa F, Bortolussi S, Protti N, Santoro D, Stella S, Altieri S, Zonta C, Clerici AM, Cansolino L, Ferrari C, Dionigi P, Porta A, Zanoni G and Vidari G
Source: APPLIED RADIATION AND ISOTOPES Volume: 69 Issue: 12 Special Issue: SI Pages: 1702-1705
DOI: 10.1016/j.apradiso.2011.02.021
Published: DEC 2011

3. Title: Magnetic and Relaxation Properties of Multifunctional Polymer-Based Nanostructured Bioferrofluids as MRI Contrast Agents
Author(s): Amiri H.; Bustamante R.; Millan A.; Silva N.J.O.; Pinol R.; Gabilondo L.; Palacio F.; Arosio P.; Corti M.; Lascialfari A.
Source: MAGNETIC RESONANCE IN MEDICINE Volume: 66 Issue: 6 Pages: 1715-1721
DOI: 10.1002/mrm.22959
Published: DEC 2011

4. Title: Breakdown in the efficiency factor of the mixed Magic Sandwich Echo: A novel NMR probe for slow motions
Author(s): Sturniolo, Simone; Saalwaechter, Kay
Source: CHEMICAL PHYSICS LETTERS Volume: 516 Issue: 1-3 Pages: 106-110
DOI: 10.1016/j.cplett.2011.09.059
Published: NOV 7 2011

5. Title: Magnetic properties and spin dynamics of 3d-4f molecular complexes
Author(s): Khuntia P.; Mariani M.; Mahajan A. V.; Lascialfari A.; Borsa F.; Pasatoiu T. D.; Andruh M.
Source: PHYSICAL REVIEW B Volume: 84 Issue: 18 Article Number: 184439
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.84.184439
Published: NOV 29 2011

6. Title: Correlated Trends of Coexisting Magnetism and Superconductivity in Optimally Electron-Doped Oxypnictides
Author(s): S. Sanna, P. Carretta, P. Bonfa`, G. Prando, G. Allodi, R. De Renzi, T. Shiroka, G. Lamura, A. Martinelli and M. Putti
Source: PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS Volume: 107 Article Number: 227003
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.107.227003
Published: NOV 25 2011

7. Title: Long- to short-range magnetic order in fluorine-doped CeFeAsO
Author(s): T. Shiroka, G. Lamura, S. Sanna, G. Prando, R. De Renzi, M. Tropeano, M. R. Cimberle, A. Martinelli, C. Bernini, A. Palenzona, R. Fittipaldi, A. Vecchione, P. Carretta, A. S. Siri, C. Ferdeghini and M. Putti
Source: PHYSICAL REVIEW B Volume: 84 Article Number: 195123
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.84.195123
Published: NOV 23 2011

8. Title: Competing interactions and magnetic frustration in Yb4LiGe4
Author(s): S. M. Disseler, J. N. Svensson, S. C. Peter, C. P. Byers, C. Baines, A. Amato, S. R. Giblin, P. Carretta and M. J. Graf
Source: PHYSICAL REVIEW B Volume: 84 Article Number: 174429
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.84.174429
Published: NOV 21 2011

9. Title: Finite-size effects on the dynamic susceptibility of CoPhOMe single-chain molecular magnets in presence of a static magnetic field
Author(s): Pini M. G.; Rettori A.; Bogani L.; Lascialfari A.; Mariani M.; Caneschi A.; Sessoli R.
Source: PHYSICAL REVIEW B Volume: 84 Issue: 9 Article Number: 094444
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.84.094444
Published: SEP 26 2011

10. Title: Tuning of competing magnetic and superconducting phase volumes in LaFeAsO0.945F0.055 by hydrostatic pressure
Author(s): Khasanov R.; Sanna S.; Prando G.; et al.
Source: PHYSICAL REVIEW B Volume: 84 Issue: 10 Article Number: 100501
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.84.100501
Published: SEP 1 2011

11. Title: Superconducting phase fluctuations in SmFeAsO(0.8)F(0.2) from diamagnetism at a low magnetic field above T(c)
Author(s): Prando G.; Lascialfari A.; Rigamonti A.; et al.
Source: PHYSICAL REVIEW B Volume: 84 Issue: 6 Article Number: 064507
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.84.064507
Published: AUG 18 2011

12. Title: The emergence of cooperative dynamics in polymers as an effect of conformational restrictions: The case of crystallization and an example on heterogeneous confinement
Author(s): Calandra, Pietro; Pieruccini, Marco; Sturniolo, Simone
Source: THERMOCHIMICA ACTA Volume: 522 Issue: 1-2 Special Issue: SI Pages: 135-143
DOI: 10.1016/j.tca.2011.03.004
Published: AUG 10 2011

13. Title: Water-Dispersible Sugar-Coated Iron Oxide Nanoparticles. An Evaluation of their Relaxometric and Magnetic Hyperthermia Properties
Author(s): Lartigue Lenaic; Innocenti Claudia; Kalaivani Thangavel; et al.
Source: JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY Volume: 133 Issue: 27 Pages: 10459-10472
DOI: 10.1021/ja111448t
Published: JUL 13 2011

14. Title: Magnetic/Silica Nanocomposites as Dual-Mode Contrast Agents for Combined Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Ultrasonography
Author(s): Malvindi M A, Greco A, Conversano F, Figuerola A, Corti M, Bonora M, Lascialfari A, Amiri H, Moscardini M, Cingolani R, Gigli G, Casciaro S, Pellegrino T and Ragusa A
Source: ADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS Volume: 21 Issue: 13 Pages: 2548-2555
DOI: 10.1002/adfm.201100031
Published: JUL 8 2011

15. Title: Recrystallization processes in cold-crystallized poly(ethylene terephthalate): Interplay between structure evolution and conformational relaxation
Author(s): Flores, A.; Balta-Calleja, F. J.; Di Marco, G.; et al.
Source: POLYMER Volume: 52 Issue: 14 Pages: 3155-3162
DOI: 10.1016/j.polymer.2011.05.013
Published: JUN 22 2011

16. Title: Vortex dynamics and irreversibility line in optimally doped SmFeAsO0.8F0.2 from ac susceptibility and magnetization measurements
Author(s): Prando G, Carretta P, De Renzi R, et al.
Source: PHYSICAL REVIEW B Volume: 83 Issue: 17 Article Number: 174514
Published: MAY 17 2011

17. Title: Evidence for impurity-induced frustration in La2CuO4
Author(s): Carretta P, Prando G, Sanna S, et al.
Source: PHYSICAL REVIEW B Volume: 83 Issue: 18 Article Number: 180411
Published: MAY 13 2011

18. Title: Low-energy spin dynamics in the [YPc2](0) S=1/2 antiferromagnetic chain
Author(s): Branzoli F, Carretta P, Filibian M, et al.
Source: PHYSICAL REVIEW B Volume: 83 Issue: 17 Article Number: 174419
Published: MAY 9 2011

19. Title: Design of water-based ferrofluids as contrast agents for magnetic resonance imaging
Author(s): Casula MF, Corrias A, Arosio P, et al.
Source: JOURNAL OF COLLOID AND INTERFACE SCIENCE Volume: 357 Issue: 1 Pages: 50-55
Published: MAY 1 2011

20. Title: Multifunctional Nanoparticles for Dual Imaging
Author(s): Ali Z, Abbasi AZ, Zhang F, et al.
Source: ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY Volume: 83 Issue: 8 Pages: 2877-2882
Published: APR 15 2011

21. Title: Nuclear magnetic resonance study of Gd-based nanoparticles to tag boron compounds in boron neutron capture therapy
Author(s): Corti M, Bonora M, Borsa F, et al.
Source: JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS Volume: 109 Issue: 7 Article Number: 07B302
Published: APR 1 2011

22. Title: Ground state of the magnetic molecule {V6} determined by broadband electron spin resonance at low frequency
Author(s): Corti M, Cattaneo L, Mozzati MC, et al.
Source: JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS Volume: 109 Issue: 7 Article Number: 07B104
Published: APR 1 2011

23. Title: Magnetic Nanoparticles in biomedicine: Recent advances
Author(s): Lascialfari A, Sangregorio C.
Source: CHEMISTRY TODAY Volume 29, n. 2
Published: MAR/APR 2011

24. Title: NMR and mu SR study of spin correlations in SrZnVO(PO4)(2): An S=1/2 frustrated magnet on a square lattice
Author(s): Bossoni L, Carretta P, Nath R, Moscardini M, et al.
Source: PHYSICAL REVIEW B Volume: 83 Issue: 1 Article Number: 014412
Published: JAN 13 2011

25. Title: Superparamagnetic colloidal nanocrystal clusters coated with polyethylene glycol fumarate: a possible novel theranostic agent
Author(s): Amiri H, Mahmoudi M, Lascialfari A
Source: NANOSCALE Volume: 3 Issue: 3 Pages: 1022-1030
Published: 2011

26. Title: Nanoscale coordination polymers exhibiting luminescence properties and NMR relaxivity
Author(s): Chelebaeva E, Larionova J, Guari Y, et al.
Source: NANOSCALE Volume: 3 Issue: 3 Pages: 1200-1210
Published: 2011

27. Title: Raman active jagged-shaped gold-coated magnetic particles as a novel multimodal nanoprobe
Author(s): Mahmoudi Morteza; Amiri Houshang; Shokrgozar Mohammad A.; et al.
Source: CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS Volume: 47 Issue: 37 Pages: 10404-10406
DOI: 10.1039/c1cc13413b
Published: 2011