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Publications 2015
1. Low temperature magnetic properties and spin dynamics in single crystals of Cr8Zn antiferromagnetic molecular rings
By: Adelnia, Fatemeh; Chiesa, Alessandro; Bordignon, Sara; et al.
JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL PHYSICS Volume: 143 Issue: 24 Article Number: 244321
Published: DEC 28 2015

2. Comparison of spin dynamics and magnetic properties in antiferromagnetic closed and open molecular Cr-based rings
By: Adelnia, Fatemeh; Bordonali, Lorenzo; Mariani, Manuel; et al.
JOURNAL OF PHYSICS-CONDENSED MATTER Volume: 27 Issue: 50 Article Number: 506001
Published: DEC 23 2015

3. A novel analysis for the NMR magic sandwich echo in polymers: application to the alpha-relaxation in polybutadiene
By: Pieruccini, Marco; Sturniolo, Simone; Corti, Maurizio; et al.
EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL B Volume: 88 Issue: 11 Article Number: 283
Published: NOV 2 2015

4. Small and large scale segmental motion in polymers: estimating cooperativity length by ordinary relaxation experiments
By: Pieruccini, Marco; Alessandrini, Andrea; Sturniolo, Simone; et al.
POLYMER INTERNATIONAL Volume: 64 Issue: 11 Pages: 1506-1512
Published: NOV 2015

5. Contralateral cerebello-thalamo-cortical pathways with prominent involvement of associative areas in humans in vivo
By: Palesi, Fulvia; Tournier, Jacques-Donald; Calamante, Fernando; et al.
BRAIN STRUCTURE & FUNCTION Volume: 220 Issue: 6 Pages: 3369-3384
Published: NOV 2015

6. Common effect of chemical and external pressures on the magnetic properties of RCoPO (R = La, Pr, Nd, Sm). II.
By: Prando, G.; Profeta, G.; Continenza, A.; et al.
PHYSICAL REVIEW B Volume: 92 Issue: 14 Article Number: 144414
Published: OCT 12 2015

7. Effect of external pressure on the magnetic properties of RCoAsO (R=La, Pr, Sm): a mu SR study
By: Prando, G.; Sanna, S.; Khasanov, R.; et al.
Published: SEP 2015

8. Interplay of structural and magnetic nanoscale phase separation in layered cobaltites
By: Allieta, M.; Scavini, M.; Naldoni, A.; et al.
PHYSICAL REVIEW B Volume: 92 Issue: 5 Article Number: 054202
Published: AUG 11 2015

9. Enhancement of low-frequency fluctuations and superconductivity breakdown in Mn-doped La1-yYyFeAsO0.89F0.11 superconductors
By: Hammerath, F.; Moroni, M.; Bossoni, L.; et al.
PHYSICAL REVIEW B Volume: 92 Issue: 2 Article Number: 020505
Published: JUL 13 2015

10. Sensitivity of angle-resolved photoemission to short-range antiferromagnetic correlations
By: Wallauer, R.; Sanna, S.; Lahoud, E.; et al.
PHYSICAL REVIEW B Volume: 91 Issue: 24 Article Number: 245149
Published: JUN 24 2015

11. Mutual Independence of Critical Temperature and Superfluid Density under Pressure in Optimally Electron-Doped Superconducting LaFeAsO1-xFx
By: Prando, G.; Hartmann, Th.; Schottenhamel, W.; et al.
PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS Volume: 114 Issue: 24 Article Number: 247004
Published: JUN 17 2015

12. Evidence of local structural order and spin-lattice coupling in the frustrated pyrochlore Y2Ru2O7
By: Castellano, C.; Berti, G.; Sanna, S.; et al.
PHYSICAL REVIEW B Volume: 91 Issue: 22 Article Number: 224101
Published: JUN 8 2015

13. High temperature spin dynamics in linear magnetic chains, molecular rings, and segments by nuclear magnetic resonance
By: Adelnia, Fatemeh; Mariani, Manuel; Ammannato, Luca; et al.
JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS Volume: 117 Issue: 17 Article Number: 17B308
Published: MAY 7 2015

14. Local spin dynamics at low temperature in the slowly relaxing molecular chain [Dy(hfac)3{NIT(C6H4OPh)}]: A mu(+) spin relaxation study
By: Arosio, Paolo; Corti, Maurizio; Mariani, Manuel; et al.
JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS Volume: 117 Issue: 17 Article Number: 17B310
Published: MAY 7 2015

15. YBa2Cu3O7 microwave resonators for strong collective coupling with spin ensembles
By: Ghirri, A.; Bonizzoni, C.; Gerace, D.; et al.
APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS Volume: 106 Issue: 18 Article Number: 184101
Published: MAY 4 2015

16. Slow magnetic fluctuations and superconductivity in fluorine-doped NdFeAsO
By: Lamura, G.; Shiroka, T.; Bonfa, P.; et al.
PHYSICAL REVIEW B Volume: 91 Issue: 2 Article Number: 024513
Published: JAN 28 2015

17. Spin Dynamics in Hybrid Iron Oxide-Gold Nanostructures
By: Orlando, Tomas; Capozzi, A.; Umut, E.; et al.
JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C Volume: 119 Issue: 2 Pages: 1224-1233
Published: JAN 15 2015

18. Evidence of a correlation between magnetic and structural transitions in Y2-xZnxRu2O7 pyrochlore compounds
By: Berti, Giulia; Sanna, Samuele; Ruiz-Bustos, Rocio; et al.
RSC ADVANCES Volume: 5 Issue: 122 Pages: 100809-100815
Published: 2015

19. R imaging and targeting of human breast cancer cells with folate decorated nanoparticles
y: Arosio, Paolo; Orsini, Francesco; Piras, Anna M.; et al.
SC ADVANCES Volume: 5 Issue: 50 Pages: 39760-39770
ublished: 2015

20. Dynamic nuclear polarization of a glassy matrix prepared by solid state mechanochemical amorphization of crystalline substances
By: Elisei, E.; Filibian, M.; Carretta, P.; et al.
CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS Volume: 51 Issue: 11 Pages: 2080-2083
Published: 2015